About Brake Commander

Brake Commander is a hydraulic trailer Brake Controller / trailer Brake Actuator designed and assembled in Australia. Brake Commander is a wireless system consisting of a trailer mounted unit and a wireless remote. Our unique design and features are approved and conform to ADR38 and VSB1 for trailers up to 4.5T ATM.

The Brake Commander unit is bolted to the trailer and a hydraulic master cylinder is attached to the mounting boss. Brake Commander's electro-mechanical operation controls the trailer brakes much like when you press the brake pedal in your car. The benefit of our electro-mechanical system is that it is extremely efficient. In fact it is so efficient and user friendly you do not need to install any wiring into your vehicle to power Brake Commander. It simply draws all the power necessary from the tail light circuit of most standard trailer wiring systems, and in case you prefer not to use your tail lights we developed our Dual Power feature.

Brake Commander provides intelligent proportional hydraulic brake control for your Boat Trailer, Caravan / Towable RV, Horse Floats or any other trailer that requires brakes. When fitted with a 3/4” master cylinder Brake Commander will deliver up to 1400psi, but we didn't just stop there, we also developed intelligent safety monitoring features, an Electronic Park Brake and Break-Away Ready functionality.


Brake Commander's main electronic control unit is housed safely within the trailer mounted unit allowing specific setup parameters to be stored where they are needed most, with the trailer. Therefore once the initial setup parameters, ideal forward brake power and reverse brake power are set, they are stored digitally within the device on the trailer. This is especially handy if you tow more than 1 trailer behind your vehicle, as this would normally involve re-adjusting an in-car controller every time you towed different trailers, and you can rest assured knowing the trailer brakes are set correctly when and if you loan your trailer to family and friends.

All Brake Commander units are supplied with a Wireless Remote which have a full colour display, USB power port and a built in battery that provides up to 2hr's of operation when unplugged. In addition to providing access to various settings the Wireless Remote also provides graphical and audible warnings, the ability to operate the Electronic Park Brake and trailer brake Over-Ride function.

Brake Commander uses solid-state electronics capable of processing 40 million instructions per second and a brushless motor that spins freely to 22,000rpm with no wearing parts. The stroke length is programmable up to 55mm and the trailer mounted unit can be installed with 360° of freedom and only requires 4 wires to be connected. We also developed a startup routine, which automatically locates the start position of the master cylinder, ensuring your system is always perfectly adjusted. Brake Commander also provides Break-Away Braking without the use of large batteries and battery charging systems. To find out more about Brake Commander please refer to our Features page.