With 1400 psi of hydraulic pressure when fitted with a 3/4” master cylinder, intelligent control and safety monitoring features, it’s never been easier to appreciate the benefits of hydraulic disc brakes on your trailer.  Simply bolt your existing master cylinder on to Brake Commander and you are ready to go.



Brake Commander’s power can be supplied by both the tail light circuit and / or an accessory circuit. This allows a main vehicle to be setup with power supplied to the accesories thus not requiring tail lights to be turned on. While other vehilce's may still tow the trailer by simply turning on their tail lights. Not only is it easy for you, it's also easy for family members and friends with an adequate sized vehicle to borrow your boat, caravan, horse float or whatever it is you tow.



Included with all Brake Commander units is a wireless remote which provides real-time graphical feedback of device status and brake OverRide should you need it while you're on the move. It also allows you to quickly and easily access Brake Commander’s advanced system configuration. And, since it’s a wireless remote, you can easily transfer it between tow vehicles.



Simply use the wireless remote to engage the park brake; it's even available for a short while after the trailer has been detached from the tow vehicle. And if you’re inclined to forget to release the Park Brake before you take off, never mind, Brake Commander will automatically release it for you.



Break-Away batteries and charging circuits are simply not required by Brake Commander. Just wire in an industry standard Break-Away switch (sold separately) and Brake Commander looks after the rest. In fact, in the unfortunate event of a break-away, Brake Commander will apply emergency braking automatically, holding maximum braking until the trailer comes to a stop and the brakes are manually and intentionally released.